Allgo Christmas Shopping Survey 2022

Posted by Gary Purcell on Nov 1, 2022
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We recently conducted a survey of 6,501 people in regards to their Christmas Shopping plans!

Recently we ran survey asking people their plans for their Christmas shopping, including when they will start and finish their shopping, what percent of their shopping they will do online, how much they intended to spend on certain people and what they would like or not like to receive.

To summarise the key findings:

People will do on average 61% of their Christmas shopping online this year. Since we have started this survey in 2015, this average has been increasing year on year from 50% in 2015, to 64% during COVID and now in a post COVID world where people can shop in store again majority of people will still do most of their shopping online. 4% of survey respondents said they will be doing 100% of their shopping online this year.

Spending Trends

The average spend in total for Christmas gifts has been the highest it has ever been since 2015, when the survey was first started. In 2015 the average spend overall was €749, now the average spend is €950! There has been a constant increase in the total spend year on year and this average is up from €876 in 2021.

The question of who people will be buying gifts for has had some shifts from 2021. In 2021 34% of people were buying gifts for colleagues whereas in 2022 only 24% will be buying gifts for their colleagues, yet the average spend has increased to €119, up from €68 in 2021. 

According to our survey, the increase in spending on colleagues is the only increase in spending out of all people that respondents are buying gifts for. Overall there has been a huge decrease in the amount of spending the survey respondents plan on doing per gift recipient, for example the average spend on respondent’s children is  €263 in 2022, down from €365 in 2021. The average spend on partners is down 47% in 2022. We can see a trend each year where every other year there seems to be a large increase to over €200 for spending on partners and the following year it will decrease to between €100 and €150.

Shopping Habits

Lastly the most popular gift for the 5th year in a row that people would like to receive is a Voucher. Also 33% of people have already begun their Christmas shopping but 31% of people do not plan to finish their Christmas shopping until the third week in December.

Below are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts that people said they want to receive this Christmas. 

               Top Christmas Stats 2022                          Top 10 Christmas Gifts

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