Ramping Up for Christmas 2023

Posted by Aileen Lynch on Nov 2, 2023
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Allgo Ramp Up To Christmas Blog Post

Allgo Mastercard ramps up for year end rush!

This time of year sees tens of thousands of Irish businesses buying tax-free gift cards for their employees on the Small Benefit Scheme. This Revenue scheme allows employers to provide a tax-free, non-cash benefit to Irish employees of up to €1,000 per year.

Allgo rewards is one of the leading providers of gift cards to Irish businesses on the scheme. Our Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is a universal gift card that can be spent anywhere that accepts Mastercard ® – instore, online, or even abroad. 

The card is ordered by over 6,000 Irish businesses of all sizes each year, with the vast majority of orders coming in November and December to coincide with the tax year-end. “75% of B2B gift cards sales take place in Q4”, reports Allgo Founder & CEO, Gary Purcell.

Allgo Christmas Rush

Like many other businesses, this seasonality poses challenges. Having launched the Allgo Mastercard in 2016, Allgo exclusively focuses on business customers and knows what is required to deliver an expected 200,000 gift cards in the run up to Christmas. “When we launched, we used to take orders by phone and email, and we managed all orders on a spreadsheet. Now all orders are made online on allgo.ie and are automatically fed into our customised order system”, explains Laura Montgomery, Head of Operations.

“We start our planning for the Christmas rush in January each year with a review of the previous period to capture all learnings and improvement suggestions. We then work with our suppliers to put those incremental improvements in place for the following peak period”, says Laura.

Allgo moved into newly refurbished offices in the Digital Hub in October, doubling its capacity. And the Allgo Rewards team has recruited and trained over 20 new staff for the busy period. “We work 7 days a week from the end of November through to Christmas Eve, with long working hours as the norm. It can be hard on staff and managers”, says Gary. The flip side is that during the non-peak part of the year, staff can avail of policies like timeouts, flexi starts, home working and early Fridays.

Allgo Rewards also launched a digital version of its Allgo Mastercard Gift Card in 2022. Allgo Digital+ cards are emailed directly to employees who can then add them to Google Pay or Apple Pay. This makes the delivery process easier for both clients and for Allgo during peak season. "
Allgo Digital+ will definitely grow in popularity, though currently it accounts for only 20% of the total cards ordered as many companies still like to give cards in-person”, says Gary.

Allgo Rewards is a Guaranteed Irish business and is proud to be one of the few remaining fully Irish rewards companies. “Allgo Mastercard has grown mainly on word of mouth, and we focus more on operations and services than on flashy advertising”, says Aileen Lynch, Marketing Manager.

Allgo Recognition Hub

The other side of Allgo’s business is technology division that provides a points-based platform for managing ongoing incentives and recognition programmes. Allgo’s technology business is now supported by Enterprise Ireland as it prepares for a big push into international markets in 2024. “Already our biggest technology clients are in the UK and mainland Europe, and our Recognition Hub technology is a world class product that can be used to engage and reward employees in any country globally”, reports Gary. In Ireland, the platform can be combined with Allgo Mastercard to provide a year-round recognition programme that pays out at year end with a tax-free Mastercard Gift Card.

Advice for Ordering Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

Advice to Irish businesses ordering tax-free gift cards this year? “Place your order as early as possible and absolutely before December 8th to guarantee on time stress-free delivery”, says Gary. 

Order your gift cards today at allgo.ie.


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