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Posted by Aileen Lynch on Oct 31, 2023
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As discussed in the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Q&A Webinar there are a lot of resources which are useful to answer most questions around ordering Mastercard's, the Small Benefit Scheme and Recognition Hub.

As a follow up below are some assets and links to help with all things Mastercard and Regulations -

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card
Online Order Forms:

To order an Allgo Mastercard, Physical or Digital, you need to upload a spreadsheet of recipients with each order. Below are both order forms, which you can download and fill out for your order -
Allgo Mastercard – Physical Gift Cards Order Form
Allgo Mastercard – Digital Gift Cards Order Form

New Client Verification:

To comply with Central Bank of Ireland and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, it is mandatory that Allgo verifies each new business customer. We apologise for any inconvenience, however, this verification is ONLY required for your first order only. To proceed, please complete this form - KYB (“Know Your Business”) online questionnaire.

Small Benefit Scheme
The Small Benefit Scheme (SBS) is a statutory tax relief scheme offered by Irish Revenue that allows employers to provide a tax exempt benefit to Irish employees of up to €1,000 per year. The Scheme allows you to give certain rewards to your employees that are NOT subject to Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax for the employee, or employer tax (Employer PRSI) for the company.

To learn more about the Small Benefit Scheme, Enhanced Revenue Reporting 2024 and the rules around giving Tax-Free rewards click here.

Allgo Recognition Hub
A year round points programme using the Small Benefit Scheme:

A points-based recognition platform, combining ongoing employee engagement with a year-end tax-free
Mastercard Gift Card payout. With a reward and recognition programme there is more of an impact with employees. It helps embed your company values and culture, within your organisation, brings appreciation for good work to the surface, and makes recognition transparent and fun.

With a reward and recognition programme there is less admin around giving tax free rewards and it makes Enhanced Revenue Reporting easier.

For more information on Allgo's Recognition Hub click here.



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