March Bonuses with the Allgo Mastercard + Enhanced Revenue Reporting

Posted by Aileen Lynch on Mar 22, 2024
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March Bonuses - Why use the Allgo Mastercard & How Enhanced Revenue Reporting (ERR) will affect awarding bonuses?

With March being a popular month for bonuses, this may be the first month that Enhanced Revenue Reporting (ERR) will affect companies. So there are some important factors and information people may need to know, such as how to report with ERR and the best way to give employee bonuses this March.

Take a look below for information in regards to reporting awards this March along with the benefits of using the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card this year. 

Why use the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card?Physical Card & Digital+

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend – instore, online and even abroad. And it can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €1,000 on the  Small Benefit Scheme.

Why choose a bonus which limits where your employees can use it ? Or one that they will be taxed on? Here are just some of the reasons to choose the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card this year -

12 Reasons to Choose the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card -

    1. Use anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – in-store, online, abroad.
    2. Physical and Digital Formats are available.
    3. 100% secured by Mastercard.
    4. Certified by Irish Revenue for Small Benefit Scheme – tax-free up to €1,000.
    5. Guaranteed Irish company.
    6. 3D Secure online payments.
    7. Online portal to check card balance and view transactions.
    8. No commission charged to retailers for accepting the card.
    9. Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
    10. Funds held securely in segregated Irish bank account.
    11. Dedicated cardholder website –
    12. 5 Year Valid Thru Date on all cards.

When you are awarding your employees with their bonuses this year, there are a few new actions which must taken in order to comply with ERR.

How will ERR affect awarding Bonuses this March?

With March being a popular month for bonuses, this may be the first month that Enhanced Revenue Reporting (ERR) will affect companies. On 1st Jan 2024, Revenue introduced new reporting requirements for 3 types of employee expenses/benefits, including the  Small Benefit Scheme rewards. This means when companies reward employees Bonuses in March under the Small Benefit Scheme,  an ERR return must be filed with Revenue prior to or on the day the employee is given the gift card.

The ERR return needs to include-

  1. Employee Name
  2. Employee PPSN
  3. Employment ID
  4. Gift Card Value
  5. Date of Benefit (ie the date the employee receives card)

How and When is the ERR return made?

 The ERR return can either be submitted-

  1. Through the ERR Module in the Revenue Online Service (ROS), or
  2. Via payroll software (you will need to liaise with your payroll provider to find out how).

To read more about ERR Return you can read our Enhanced Revenue Reporting (ERR) for Tax-Free Gift Cards blog.

Revenue has published a lot of detail on how to make the ERR return on ROS, including a screen-by-screen video webinar, on the ERR page on . 

Ordering tax-free Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

To order tax-free gift cards today, please visit

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