10 Reasons to Choose the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

Posted by Gary Purcell on Dec 3, 2020
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Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the product of choice for thousands of Irish businesses looking to save tax on employee rewards with the €500 Small Benefit Scheme.

With a complete revamp of the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card in 2020, here are 10 reasons why the card is so popular with Irish business of all sizes-

  1. Use anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – instore, online, abroad.
  2. 100% secured by Mastercard.
  3. Certified by Revenue for Small Benefit Scheme – tax-free for Irish employers up to €500.
  4. Guaranteed Irish company.
  5. No commission charged to retailers for accepting the card.
  6. No PIN required – simply swipe and sign at checkout.
  7. Register your card for secure online payments at allgogiftcard.com.
  8. Easy online balance check at allgogiftcard.com.
  9. Full transaction history available online.
  10. FREE access to exclusive Mastercard offers on priceless.com.

Order your Allgo Mastercard gift Cards today at allgo.ie/mastercardorder
or visit allgo.ie for more details


Download the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Sales Brochure

Allgo Mastercard Sales Brochure


For all details and pricing options

Allgo Mastercard Gift Card Brochure

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card has been completely upgraded for 2020. The new card and related services together deliver significant benefits to both clients and cardholders.

  • 3D Secure online payments. 
  • Online portal to view card transactions.
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 
  • Funds held securely in segregated Irish bank account. 
  • Dedicated cardholder website - allgogiftcard.com 
  • 5 Year Valid Thru Date on all cards.

Download Now Button - Allgo Mastercard Sales Brochure



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