Top 5 HR Challenges in 2022

Posted by Aileen Lynch on Feb 18, 2022
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Top 5 HR Challenges 2022

From Allgo's annual HR Trends Report, here are the top 5 HR challenges for 2022 as reported by a 100 HR Leaders.

#1: Employee Retention
Employee Retention is seen as the biggest challenge this year as companies brace themselves for the “Big Resignation”. To what extent that actually happens remains to be seen, but it is clear that Retention where the real war for talent will be fought in 2022.  And perhaps it is no surprise that the three “what’s in it for me” factors of Pay, Work/Life Balance, and Career Progression are ranked top in terms of employee retention factors.

#2: Employee Health and Wellbeing
For the third year in a row Employee Health & Wellbeing is ranked in the Top 2 HR challenges. Whereas Pre-pandemic in 2019, Employee Wellbeing wasn’t even featuring in the top 10! It is clear that the focus for HR since the pandemic is predominantly about looking after existing employees.

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#3: Employee Engagement
Companies continue to focus on Employee Engagement as new working environments are being established. With Employee Engagement remaining in the Top 3 challenges for another year, it is obvious companies are trying to successfully bring employees along with the company's mission & vision.

#4: Recruitment 
Clear to see that the war for talent is raging this year, with 62% of HR Managers expecting recruitment to be more difficult (and 21% expecting it to be much more difficult), compared with just 43% last year. This is back to pre-pandemic levels of difficulty in sourcing talent. For the 3rd year in a row a Work/Life Balance is the most important factor for recruiting talent, whereas Flexible Working Hours is continuing to fall lower on the list as a priority. 

#5: Performance Management
With the new norm of working still being established, performance management will be a key challenge for HR Leaders this year. Throughout 2022 we will continue to see remote working/hybrid working become embedded, and HR Leaders will be focused on managing the knock-on consequences in terms of Performance Management. 

HR Trends Report 2022 - HR Challenges Cropped

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