Top 2 HR Challenges 2018

Posted by Gary Purcell on Mar 14, 2018
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Top 2 HR Priorities in Ireland 2018

According to a recent survey from Aperture Partners, 68% of Irish workers say they would consider moving from their current employer in 2018.

This doesn't mean that two thirds of your employees are looking to move job this year, but it does indicate how open Irish employees now are to other job opportunities. And with the rate of new job creation in Ireland, there hasn't been this much choice for employees to move jobs for a long time.

In fact, the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.2%, which is the lowest for 10 years. And by the end of 2018, the number of people employed in Ireland will exceed even those levels at the height of the economic boom in the mid-noughties


Irish HR Professionals are well aware of these trends.  In the latest IBEC HR Survey, Attracting and Retaining Talent was clearly the No. 1 priority for HR in 2018. Employee retention and attracting new talent was reported by 64% of companies as their their main issue. Here are the Top 5 HR Challenges of 2018-


So the question is, what can be done to help with Talent Recruitment & Staff Retention in this competitive environment. What tools are available to Recruitment Professionals and HR Managers to improve the situation?

While attracting and retaining talent are of course heavily influenced by factors like compensation, career progression, work environment, flexibility and commuting, there are a other important considerations that also determine if people are attracted to your company, and for how long.

These include factors such as company culture, direct manager behaviour, performance recognition, bonuses, and employee engagement.

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