How to Reward your Remote Staff

Posted by Gary Purcell on Nov 5, 2020
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Homeworker_1200With so many employees working from home this year due to Covid, a challenge many of our clients are facing is how to distribute their year-end gift cards to remote employees on the €500 Small Benefit Scheme.

So here are 3 easy solutions for rewarding your remote employees -

1. eVouchers
eVouchers can be sent instantly and securely to employees, regardless of where they are located. For example, eVouchers can sent by email, with an optional SMS alert, and are one of Ireland's best multi-retailer vouchers. AllGifts eVouchers can be branded for your company, personalised with your message, and offer a huge redemption choice.

Employees use their evouchers on to order products, services, & gift cards from 1000's of the best shops, hotels, restaurants, spas, travel & activity companies.

So for example, an employee who receives  a €100 AllGifts eVoucher can use it on to order a €50 gift card for Tesco and a €50 eCode for Amazon. Both will then be sent to them with 72 hours. Employees can store and amalgamate their eVouchers on the website, and can even top them up if they want to order a higher value reward.

If sending vouchers on a regular basis, companies can have access to their own Reward Hub portal, allowing them to issue their own eVouchers as needed. For more details and to order AllGifts Vouchers, please visit Hub - AllGifts eVouchers (drop shadow)

2. Individual Delivery
For the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card, and for other physical gift vouchers, Allgo has introduced an individual secure delivery service for remote workers. How this works is that companies provide us with the home addresses of their staff, and we send the gift cards out by post directly to them.

For security, the gift cards are locked, and can only be unlocked by the employee registering their card on the Allgo Mastercard Portal using their company email address.

So, for companies with up-to-date home addresses for their employees, this is an easy and secure way to have physical gift cards delivered to their home working staff. For more details and full pricing, please visit


3. Online Ordering Portal
For companies that don't have accurate home addresses for all their staff, Allgo offers an online ordering portal, where employees can securely login and order the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card for delivery to their chosen address. An email is sent to all employees with instructions on how to login and order their card.

Again for security, the gift cards are locked, and can only be unlocked by the employee registering their card on the Allgo Mastercard Portal using their company email address.

To discuss this option with our sales team, please contact us today 


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