Top HR Challenges in Ireland in 2019

Posted by Gary Purcell on Feb 11, 2019
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As part of Allgo's inaugural HR Trends Ireland Reportwe asked 150 Senior HR Professionals  "On a scale from 1-5 (1 = easy, 5 = difficult), how would you rate the different HR Challenges you face in 2019?"

Perhaps not surprisingly with near full employment in Ireland, Recruitment was reported as the main HR challenge in 2019, with 77% of respondents believing that Recruitment will be difficult or very difficult this year.

HR Challenges 2019

In 2nd place, 67% expect Retention to be difficult or very difficult. 52% expect the same for Performance Management, and 47% report the same for People Leadership.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Succession Planning was ranked 5th, with 47% of respondents expecting a difficult year in his regard.

Interestingly, HR Legislation only ranked 10th in difficulty, and Diversity & Discrimination ranked at the very bottom.

Workforce Automation is also yet to really impact on Irish HR Professionals, and Employee Engagement, Talent Management and Training & Development are all mid-table in terms of challenges in the year ahead.

Overall, the completion for talent, and the effective management of that talent is what will primarily challenge HR departments in 2019.

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