10 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Posted by Luke Nolan on Jul 29, 2020


Recognised employees are engaged employees. Engagement employees perform way better than their disengaged counterparts. Studies show that companies with engaged employees have lower absenteeism rates, lower staff turnover and turn over higher profits.

According to a Gallup poll, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they'll quit in the next year. Employee engagement is a key factor in how successful a company will be!

In Allgo, we design and run recognition programmes that get the most out of people. With many companies continuing to have staff working remotely, here are some ways to keep everyone engaged and performing through recognition.

1. Put Recognition Online
When everyone is in the office, it is giving feedback and recognition in person is easy. Now that people are working remotely, it is just as important to recognise and reward employees for their hard work. But it's way easier to let recognition slip in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind sort of way. So it's important that you move your recognition online, either using your existing online communication tools, or a recognition platform like Allgo's.

2. Make Recognition Instant
It's important to recognise employees as soon as possible after the event, behaviour or achievement that merits the recognition. In this instant gratification, digital world, instant recognition is both a powerful motivator and a practical necessity. Don't have a system that means employees need to wait for months to be thanked for their hard work.

3. Recognise Birthdays
When everyone is in the office, birthdays and other personal occasions are regularly recognised. When people are working remotely, this doesn't always happen. It's important that personal occasions are recognised, especially as it's a unique opportunity to add personal touch to recognition.

4. Revamp your Service Awards
Service awards have come past the crystal vase and carriage clock! Updating your service awards to offer gifts your employees can select online themselves for delivery to their homes, will really help to motivate them for higher recognition.

5. Give Managers a Recognition Budget
Studies have found that employees feel the most recognised when they receive recognition from their immediate manager. Giving managers a monthly reward budget on a "use it or lose it" basis both enables and encourages managers to remember to thank employees, even though they are not face-to-face.

6. Peer-2-Peer Recognition
Often co-workers are best placed to witness the effort of colleagues. Introducing peer recognition, where employees can nominate colleagues for tasks and achievements that support the company values and mission,  is a great way to maintain your company culture during remote working.

7. Communicating Recognition
The positive effects of recognition are amplified if shared with others. Make sure that you communicate achievements and celebrate recognition across the company. An ideal way of doing this is sharing awards such as employee of the month into an eZine sent to all staff, or having their achievements shared on company social media helps to publically recognise public achievements.

8. Don't Forget Team Achievements
Achievements aren't always the work of individuals - often they are the work of a team who have put a lot of hard work into their project. It's important that teams are recognised and rewarded for the work they achieved together. This will encourage the team to achieve better results in future.

9. Non-Monetary Rewards
Rewarding your employees doesn't have to break the bank! There are many schemes which you can introduce to reward your team for hard work, both in office or at home. Here in Allgo, every year we do Jamaican July & Awesome August, where we finish early on Fridays in the months of July and August. Non monetary recognition of hard work can work just as well as monetary rewards.

10. Encourage Digital Discipline
When employees are working from home, the lines between work and private space get blurred, which can sometimes result in a loss of productivity as the time discipline of working office hours is eroded. Introducing a cut-off time for work calls and emails in the evening encourages a division of work and private life, so that employees are more switched on during their actual working hours.

Interested in how to implement these schemes in your company? Please email info@allgo.ie and we will be happy to help any questions you have regarding employee reward and recognition schemes.

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