The Impact of COVID on Recruitment

Posted by Gary Purcell on Mar 30, 2021
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Each year, Allgo conducts an in-depth survey of HR Leaders and Senior HR Managers to get an insight into HR challenges, priorities and trends in the year ahead.

249 HR Professionals completed the survey this year, and with all the changes in the last 12 months, there were some interesting insights gained.

Overall, see that employee recruitment is forecast to be only marginally more difficult compared to last year, but a lot easier than it was in 2019. 44% of HR Managers are predicting Recruitment will be more difficult in 2021 compared to 41% in 2020, and 62% in 2019.

So what are the big factors that will influence recruitment in 2021?

1. Work / Life Balance

For the second year in a row Work/Life Balance is the No. 1 factor affecting recruitment. With an increase in staff working from home it has never been more important to ensure staff are equally prioritising the demands of their personal lives and professional lives. Achieving this balance is key to staff recruitment in 2021.

2. Pay

Pay will be the second most important factor in employee recruitment in 2021, up from fourth most important in 2020. 

3. Leadership

According to our survey, there will be a particular emphasis on Leadership in 2021. This factor has jumped from 5th position in 2020 to 3rd in 2021. 

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4. Work Environment

Not Surprisingly, The importance of a positive work environment has risen two positions since last years survey. With employees working from home and their social lives hugely being affected by the pandemic, a positive work environment is hugely important. 

5. Line Manager

The importance of  Line Managers in employee recruitment has also increased (from 9th to 5th place), so it is clear that the transition from the traditional working environment to a more online working environment, is putting people management much more under the spotlight as far as employees are concerned.

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