The Top 5 HR Challenges in 2021

Posted by Gary Purcell on Mar 4, 2021
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Each year, Allgo conducts an in-depth survey of HR Leaders and Senior HR Managers to get an insight into HR challenges, priorities and trends in the year ahead.

249 HR Professionals completed the survey this year, and with all the changes in the last 12 months,  there were some interesting insights gained. Here are the Top 5 HR Challenges that HR Professionals expect to face in 2021-

1. Employee Health and Wellbeing

It is expected that the greatest challenge that HR Professionals will face in 2021 will be maintaining the Health and Wellbeing of staff. This is not at all unexpected given the global health crisis that we are currently facing. In addition to ensuring the physical safety and health of employees, many HR professionals are putting a particular emphasis on the mental health of staff this year. Ranking it more important that ever before.

2. Employee Engagement
In 2020 Employee Engagement was expected to be the most challenging aspect for HR Professionals. This year, we see it remaining a significant challenge, made only more difficult and complicated by remote working.

3. Leadership
HR Professionals have ranked Leadership as being the third most challenging factor in 2021. It was ranked 4th in 2020. It is evident that People Leadership has never been more important, or more of a challenge, as in this time of crisis.

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4. Employee Retention
Two years ago we saw HR professionals facing challenges recruiting staff. In 2021, It seems that staff retention is a much bigger ask. With the transition to remote working companies must adapt to minimize difficulties that may arise in talent retention. 

5. Training and Development
It is expected that training and development will be more difficult this year than previous years. This is not surprising given the shift to online learning. New staff will lack the benefits that come along with face to face training. 

Top HR Challenges 2021

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